The Game Show Experience

A game show that is actually...a show!

Contestant Selection

There are a few ways in which to select contestants for the show. There can be predetermined individuals or predetermined teams of four. We can also do a complete random picking of names out of a hat and call them down, just as on a TV game show. This adds a bit more fun to the game, since people will be surprised & excited to hear their name being called.

There are always a few people who do not want to come on to the stage and we will not force anyone who does not willingly wish to participate.

If there are certain people that you would like to see be put onstage, we can arrange that they get called up.Our comedic host keeps things fun and amusing for players and spectators, as our game show is actually an entertaining show, as opposed to just a trivia quiz.

Play Styles

The game can be played with the contestants playing as individuals or it can be in teams of four. We also mimic games such as Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire & Jeopardy. The show generally runs for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours. The games are run with 8 people on stage for each game. We will then take the top scoring teams of each round and bring them back up to play a final round to decide the overall winner. We also offer the option of rapid-fire trivia which enables us to get through 2 times more contestants during the show, although some of the enjoyment and comedy of the show is lost with this option.

Custom Questions

Game show questions are completely customizable, which is a great way to personalize the game show to your company. We can use questions that you supply to us (make sure some are goofy and fun), or we can make up customized questions for you from a company manual. We will also mix in many of our own general trivia and fun questions to keep the game show enjoyable for all (not just company questions).

These customized questions can be either straight verbal questions, or they can be visual questions or audio clips. We can take a picture that you supply and ask a question as to who is in the picture, or what piece of equipment is this, etc, etc. These pictures will show on the large screen for all contestants and spectators to see.

We can also take an audio clip and contestants will need to guess whose voice it is, what piece of equipment makes this sound, etc. There are endless possibilities.

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